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3 Creative Ways To Use Passpack Desktop

If you’ve downloaded Passpack Desktop and like it, we’re glad to hear that. If you haven’t, here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your Passpack Desktop more than just a password manager.

1. Back Up And Read

Passpack has always let you make backup of your passwords. Just go to Tools > Backup Your Account, continue the process and you have an encrypted backup of your

But what do you do with backups?

Most people have them set aside (as backups) in case they ever need to restore their Passpack Account. But there is one other option…

What if you don’t necessarily want to restore your account but just take a peak into the past at one or two old passwords?

Since you can create as many Passpack Desktop accounts as you like, go ahead and set up separate one, choosing another User ID and Packing Key — et voilà — you have just created yourself a backup reader.

2. Its Freedom Is Limitless

Let’s say you have 108 passwords in your online account (as opposed to the 100 password limit) – Passpack Desktop has more than enough space for those extra 8 passwords! Now you could just create another online account, but who wants to remember two Packing Keys? In Passpack Desktop, space is limitless.

Of course we wouldn’t mind if you went Premium once we introduce paid upgrades, but if you have under 100 passwords and aren’t looking for fancy features, Passpack Desktop may be the right fit for you.

3. Share And Share Alike

As personal as passwords are, some of them (sometimes) are shared. You may find yourself working with others on a project which requires the joint use of accounts. Your spouse/children/family and yourself very likely have web accounts in common in which you share the same password. It can be unavoidable but it doesn’t have to be unmanageable.

We realize that sharing is important and it is something we are working on but for now, here’s a neat trick that can help:

First, set up an account at and share it amongst yourselves. Add ONLY the necessary shared passwords/info.

Then, each person downloads a copy of Passpack Desktop and can sync all the online passwords/info to the desktop application itself.

So how is this different from just sharing the online account?

When you need to add or make chages to the shared online account, each Desktop can sync from web to client with just a click. Since Passpack Desktop is well…on your desktop, whatever else you add to your account is yours and yours alone.

So make some space on your desktop, because there’s a new software in town and it’s just waiting to be installed. Feel free to let us know of any other Passpack Desktop tips or tricks of your own.


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