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Coming Soon: New Blog. Your Thoughts?

We use this blog for announcements, help articles, some news-ish posts, posts on password basics and even a few things which probably would have been best left unsaid.

In other words… it’s a mess [smile].

So we’ve built a new blog! (sneak peek here).

And I’m cleaning things up during the move. Here’s the idea:

  • No more support articles. Those go in the knowledge base.
  • The basics, and intro to password articles go in the library (also new) so that (1) we can modify them at will without stomping on basic  blog etiquette and (2) your RSS doesn’t get smothered as we publish more.
  • News-ish post. Basically This Week in Privacy and the occasional comment. Strong personal opinions in the personal blogs only. Mine’s here (I rarely post).

What To Do with the Old Blog?

I LOVE throwing things out. So I’m trying very hard to avoid mass historical revisionism.

The posts on will remain as-is, with commenting closed. But I’m concerned about folks who stumble across old help articles, and get outdated information.

There is, I admit, one temptation I couldn’t resist.  I changed every PassPack to Passpack on the new blog (the fact that it remains unchanged on the old blog irks me… but I’m resisting further temptation).

Can You Help Me Out?

First, what do you think of that shiny new blog ? (I’m still working on it, so comments, pinging etc. are closed for the moment)

And can I (pretty please) replace the help articles here with a simple link to the Help Center?

Anything other ideas for building a better blog?

2009 Here We Come

As the end of the year draws near, Passpack is taking stock of it’s 2008 hits and it’s 2008 misses. We’ve gotten past our growing pains and at 2 years old, I’d like to think we’ve had more hits than misses [ego-bump].

A Walk Down Memory Lane

We started 2008 with the announcement of Sharing and we’ll start 2009 with the release of Sharing (hooray!). We started 2008 introducing the help ticketing system and 2009 will start off with some self-service help and  automation. That should make things faster!

What Else?

Here are some highlights of everything in between. In 2008 Passpack:

Right now, while the recession raves on, Passpack like every other business world-wide is forced to cut back drastically on costs. So while we may be (alas, I know) running later than expected, we ask for a bit of patience on your part. So sit tight.

What’s in store for 2009?

You guessed it – milestones, challenges and of course more releases. We have a 2009 full of new stuff to roll out, especially during the first few months. We take all our user’s requests into consideration and the majority of them are great ideas but keep in mind that start ups need time to grow.

Passpack Holiday Tip

Start thinking of your New Year’s resolutions ahead of time and while you’re getting your last minute holiday gifts, don’t forget an important one this year…

Give the gift of privacy. Tell your friends about Passpack : )

Privacy & Identity at Web2.0 Expo in Berlin

It was a fantastic experience being in Berlin during the Web2.0 Expo this week. I met a lot of interesting people, and was happy (though not surprised) to learn that privacy and identity management is a key topic for many Web 2.0 users.

A top highlight for me was having the chance to ask Tim O’Reilly “Don’t you think there’s a need to keep relevant information private in Web 2.0, or at least to share it with people you really trust?”

Tim answered with a firm“Absolutely”. Thanks, Tim! We think so too.

A few hours later I got to take part in another informal, unexpected event: a 60 second TechCrunch Pitch! improvised by Mike Butcher. Adrenaline was high when Mike invited ten startups to pitch via Twitter. My voice is at minute 12 or so. Thanks again Mike.

If we did or didn’t get the chance to meet in Berlin, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the event.

[Photo credit: Luca Sartoni]

Passpack At Web 2.0 Expo

Donato is a stickler for anything web and anything innovative, so when a few interesting conferences caught his eye, we couldn’t help but get him a ticket to Web 2.0 Expo Berlin.

Our Passpack socialite-to-be wants to make the most of his time in the German capital and meet any Web 2.0-ers who may be itching to know just what Passpack has in store after Secure Messaging? So check out his Expo profile and contact him to meet up or just get a coffee…

Want to meet up with Donato at Web 2.0 Expo?
Send him an email or a quick tweet.
He’ll be more than happy to meet up!

What Is Passpack Up To Now?

The Passpack office is buzzing like a busy bee with all its new additions and if you have been following the blog, you probably know what’s keeping us so busy. Here’s a rundown on what’s been going on and what you can expect.


It’s coming. Francesco, Giuseppe and Grzesiek are working hard on giving OpenID the final touches it needs. So sit tight because it will be up and running in no time.

As for all the talk on which OpenID providers will be on the “whitelist” – it’s pretty clear from the past post that you all have blacklisted the idea of a whitelist. And with very good reason. We’re thinking this over and we’ll talk more about this in another post.


We have been hinting here and there about Passpack Mobile and I am going to hint again. We tried once before but incompatible mobile browser capability prevented us from releasing a Mobile version. Beta 6 gave Passpack the necessary foundations to grow as an application and be able to implement more features – one of which is mobile.

When can you expect it? – Now why would I ruin the surprise by answering that…


What’s this you say? We haven’t talked much about sharing but here is another morsel of fun – Tara, Laura and Gianluca are currently setting up the user interface needed for sharing

What Else?

There are tons of things on our ‘to do’ list and this is just a taste of what’s to come. Our main focus at the moment is getting OpenID ready for you, but keep your eye out for the rest…and more…

Passpack Facebook Fanpage

Passpack has just published a Facebook Fanpage! Yay!

Passpack’s blog has incorporated ‘Behind the Scenes’ and ‘Passpack Lounge’ but Facebook is where we will really have some fun.

Passpack’s RSS is incoporated in the fanpage so you don’t have to miss out on any posts. We will also be keeping you up-to-date on upcoming events and best of all you can check out our photo albums and videos (a bit scarce now, but just give us time).

We’d love for you to become our friends/fans on the Passpack Fanpage and send us all your funny videos or stories, thoughts on Passpack, pics of your pets…etc etc

Passpack’s Growing Team

The Passpack team is expanding all the time and we would like to keep you guys up to date on our new additions. You may have read the post on the women of Passpack, which gave you a taste of some of the crew but here are a few you haven’t met and a few others we’ve just met ourselves!

Francesco Sullo – Now don’t tell me this name is not familiar. Francesco is the CEO and CTO of Passpack and one of the two co-founders. His wife’s name is Tara…um, she’s the other co-founder of Passpack- you’ve probably heard of her too! Francesco is the brains behind the development and security of Passpack. When he is not spending countless hours thinking of new ways to improve the application, Francesco can be found…wait, that’s all he does.

Oh and by the way, he has a band. Francesco’s the singer, writer and guitarist and when he plays live, he does a little comedy act in between if you’re lucky. Check him out on MySpace.

Gianluca De Stefano Silvestri is one of the new Designers. He was born and raised in Rome (born in Anagni – near Rome). He has a splendid 16 month-old-daughter. He’s quite the creative person – in his free time he likes drawing, especially portraits and he also dabbles in video. He’s a guitar player (must run in the Passpack blood!) and can’t get enough of music like De Andre’, Pink Floyd and particularly likes experimental music. It’s not surprising to hear that he’s also a fan of M.C. Escher…mmmm…I wonder if we’ll see that influence in his work here at Passpack!

Laura Annibali is another of the new Designers. She didn’t make it in the Who’s Who of Passpack Women, as she too is a new addition. Also a Roman native, Laura loves Queen and anything Freddy Mercury. She considers herself a 70s and 80s rock kind of gal. She may just be a kid at heart with hobbies such as comic books (anything Marvel, anything Spiderman), Playstation and Wii. Laura loves cats but can’t have one in the house, or her enormous dog Lea might just eat her up! She’s a twin, so who knows if it’s actually Laura sitting next to me at the office every day…

Giuseppe Finocchiaro (aka Joe) is one of the new Developers. He’s from Floridia – that’s not a misspelling of the citrus city – it’s in Sicily. He’s quite the dynamic character and when at the computer he often has to stand up and walk around, just to let off some of that energy. His hobbies are underwater fishing and jogging (sometimes around the office). If all goes well (his words, not mine) he will marry his sweetheart next June. But we may not have to cross our fingers too much – as his fiance’ Sara currently lives in Sicily, the two love birds are known to speak up to 10 times a day!

Grzegorz Woźniak is another Passpack Developer with a not so easy to pronounce name (Francesco has almost mastered it)! Grzegorz moved from Poland to Italy to study at the University of Bologna. His interest in ancient Roman history has brought him here to us. He’s an avid tennis player and moonlights as a tennis instructor. He sometimes suffers from a bit of homesickness for his hometown of Szczecin, but he is more than happy that his path has brought him to Italy and to Passpack!