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This Week In Privacy, Nov 28, 2008

IT Security

The 25 Most Common Mistakes In Email Security
A well thought out list of common myths and mistakes of email users. Especially interesting are points: 12, 13, 14, 21, and of course 22 and 23! Yes 22 and 23 talk about passwords and encyrption.

Market Watch

Walling Data’s Top Ten Safety Tips For Online Shopping
With Thanksgiving out of the way, one of the biggest holiday shopping period is fast approaching. Many of us will do a good amount of shopping online – awakening hacker’s appetites.

Daily News | Money

Symantec Corp Study Finds Online Hackers Getting Savvier
Seems many of the posts this week focus on the online holiday shopping week ahead. It’s no surprise since this is prime time for hacking.

Protect your passwords and prevent holiday cybercrime.


This Week In Privacy, Nov 21, 2008


Oregon Woman Loses $400,000 to Nigerian Email Scam
An Oregon woman is out $400,000 after falling for a well-known Internet scam. She says she wasn’t an easy mark. Great article on how online fraud can hit anyone.


A New Voice in Online Privacy
President-elect Barack Obama has cited privacy as one of the technology issues his administration would address, setting the stage for a debate over standards for online publishers and advertisers.

Tom’s Guide

Scammers Hunting on Social Networks reports that cyberscammers have taken to trolling for victims on social-networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

This Week In Privacy, Nov 14, 2008


Bruce Schneier: Securing Your PC and Your Privacy
Bruce Schneier is a prolific writer on the subjects of cryptology, privacy and security. And this is a fantastic interview where he really clears up some common misconceptions and gets down to the raw facts of security on the web.


Is Twitter Ranking Your Popularity or Stealing Your Password?
This topic has been running around the web all week – Is it okay to give your login credentials to a site just because they ask for it? Posts like this have got a lot of people thinking about how easy it is to be phished.

Ecommerce Journal

20% CVs Contain the Information Enough For Identity Theft
It’s common practice to put a CV/resume on the web but does the information we normally put online put us at risk for identity theft? Here are some helpful facts and tips on protecting our identity online.

Tim O’Reilly Talks Privacy

Andrea Vascellari just posted this video of O’Reilly from the Web2.0 conference in Berlin last month. Prompted by our very own Donato, O’Reilly shared his thoughts on  the need for privacy in a social web.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

O’Reilly’s states he’s in favor of privacy, but if I had to paraphrase, it sounds to me like he’s saying:

Hey Valleywag & Friends, if you abuse public content, then you force people to use privacy commands.

The example of his daughter’s photos is about Privacy as a necessary evil. I think that’s reductive. Privacy is a simple, unalienable right to share things with a select few. It’s much more than a knee-jerk reaction to protect or hide.

Or am I wrong?

This Week In Privacy, Nov 7, 2008

Telegraph UK

Internet Black Boxes To Record Email And Website Visit
Every telephone call, email and internet visit made in the UK may soon be collected and stored before being sent off to a giant central database.

E-mail Scams Move To Phones
You may know what Phishing Scams are. But are you curious as to what Vishing is? Here’s a post briefly describing VoIP Phishing.

IT Pro

Is The Password Ill- Equipped For The Modern World?
A well written and in-depth look at how passwords fair in a hectic business world environment.

This Week in Privacy, Oct 31, 2008

This week’s privacy related news items are well worth the read, covering a pretty broad spectrum of issues. The most eye-catching topics were:

Information Week

Firefox Add-On Simulates Great Firewall Of China
Aram Bartholl, Even Roth and Tobias Leingruber’s recent Firefox add-on has been getting lots of buzz, since it lets people get a glimpse of what surfing the web is like in China.

IT World

10 Tips To Prevent Identity Theft While Shopping Online
Over 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year.Great tips on how to protect your online identity and shop safely on the web.


Interview With Tim O’Reilly (video)
This interview with Tom O’Reilly at Web 2.0 Expo gives fantastic insight on recession issues, start-ups and lots more…

And in the spirit of all things Halloween and security:

This Week in Privacy, October 24

We’ve been throwing around the idea of a weekly post dedicated to informative finds on the web that have to do with privacy and security. And in light of yesterday’s great guest post by Bart Mroz for Identity Awareness Day, Passpack decided that now is a better time than any to start – This Week in Privacy.


French President Sarkozy’s Bank Account Hacked
Similar to the Sarah Palin password hacking, but this time hackers actually got a hold of French President’s username and password. Yet another politician who needs Passpack help.


Tech Policy and the Financial Crisis
Shared Host-Proof Hosting quickly came to mind with the growing concern for data privacy. “…companies holding your data aren’t the ones who get hurt if your information or identity is compromised.”

Government Computer News

Locals Leave SSNs Unprotected
How safe is your Social Security number on the web? “Many counties make public records that may contain Social Security Numbers [SSNs] available in bulk to businesses and individuals in response to state open-records laws…”

Of Course We Spy on Our Editors – Zimpapers
Is it a company’s right to spy on their employees? Zimpapers seems to think so. Their employees could have benefited from Secure Messaging.

BBC News

Woman In Jail Over Virtual Murder
If you are not getting along with your virtual wife, make sure your passwords are safe before you decide to divorce her.

The Laughing Squid

Phishing Scams in Plain English (video)
Great Common Craft video on how not to be fooled by phishers.

Passpack is an online password manager, not a Press office but we do dedicate ourselves to privacy and it seems only fitting that we share some of our favorite posts of the week with you. If you have any suggestions or great posts that you’d like to share, we’re eager to hear your comments!