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Adobe Air 1.5 Upgrade Issues

If you’ve upgraded to Adobe Air 1.5 recently and have tried saving new password entries to your Passpack Desktop, you may have encountered a few problems. We know this is an inconvenience to those of you who do want to upgrade Adobe Air — so we’re working on it. Thanks for your patience!


Some Passpack Buzz n’ Love

Wow, this week has caused a mini buzz storm around Passpack. Here’s a few highlights.

The discussion is languishing on that last one (anyone disagree? agree? not understand?), but we did bring it to the attention of AjaxPatterns author Michael Mahemoff, he picked up the news on Ajaxian together with the release of the Host-Proof Hosting Library.

More News:

Password helper PassPack goes offline (in a good way)
… on Download.com blog too!

Dion Almaer
Passpack: Gears? AIR? Why choose!

PassPack Enables Offline Password Management with Gears

Download Squad
Passpack password manager goes offline with Passpack Desktop

Ryan Stewart
PassPack Desktop Client Built on AIR

PassPack for the Desktop!

Adobe AIR Marketplace
Staff Picks!

Thanks everyone! We’ve got more coming…

Passpack Desktop a Staff Pick, Adobe AIR Marketplace

Just doing doing some quick bragging before heading out the door. We submitted Passpack Desktop to the Adobe AIR Marketplace, and it got immediately placed among the Adobe Staff Picks.

There are some great apps in there. My favorites Twhirl and Snackr (though I have to regularly shut off both or I’d never get any work done). That Google Analytics Reporting Suite is looking mighty powerful too! I’ll have to try that one next.

(Oh – do you like the addition of the author pic above? It should help distinguish Louise and I when we write.)

Google Gears Returns!

Lately, there’s been a lot of Adobe Air and Google Gears talk around here.

Passpack Desktop has created quite the buzz among Adobe Air fans, but Google Gears fans have been leaving feedback too.

So when I got to the office this morning I wasn’t surprised to hear that Francesco had reincorporated Google Gears into Passpack. Passpack Offline Beta 6 lives on. I was surprised though to hear that he did it all after leaving the office. I am beginning to suspect that Francesco is a vampire or just a really practical person.

The latter seems more plausible for the following reasons:

  1. Adobe Air seems to be partially compatible with Linux, leaving out a few of our users
  2. Passpack Users
    +Google Gears Fans
    -Google Gears Version
    Unhappy Users
  3. You may have noticed that Brad Neuberg commented on one of our posts. It’s hard to let go of old friends.

Now everyone is happy and it only took Francesco one evening to put smiles on everyone’s face. Thanks Francesco. I wonder what surprise awaits us tomorrow…