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Passpack Offline on USB, with Google Gears

Did you know you can carry Passpack Offline Version around with you on your USB? You can. Thanks to Firefox portable, some feedback from a Passpack user, and a quick research on making Google Gears portable.

Passpack Offline is built with Google Gears technology so you are (were : ) limited to using it only on computers where Google Gears had already been installed. This is less than ideal for folks who want to carry a copy of Passpack with them on a USB pen drive (of course, that’s why we built an online password manager… but I digress [wink]).

How To Make Passpack Offline Portable

If you want to put Passpack Offline Version onto your USB:

  1. Install Firefox portable on your USB keychain.
  2. Make Google Gears portable with portable Firefox (this is the key to the whole process!).
  3. Copy the Passpack folder (download zip here) from your PC and put it onto your USB.

That’s it!

You are all set. To you use Passpack Offline on your USB, go ahead and follow the same process as you normally would have on your own PC.


Inactive Buy Now Button – Fixed

Yesterday (Nov. 5) we received a bunch of emails about problems with the Buy Now button when trying to upgrade their accounts to Passpack Pro. It seems that when users clicked on the button, they weren’t able to make a purchase.

What Happened

Before releasing Pro to the public, we ran all of our own testing. For security purposes we had an IP block set up. This was not removed before going live and is the cause of why the Buy Now button wasn’t working properly.

It’s Been Fixed

We’ve deactivated the IP block and everything is set to go, so your Buy Now button should now take you to a 3 step payment process. Thanks for your patience. Going Pro is a bit bumpier than we’d thought : )

One More Issue

It also appears that Paypal is not immediately notifying us when a successful purchase has been made. This means that it could take up to 24 hours from when your purchase is made to when your account is actually upgraded (if not contact us here). We’re working on making the process more immediate but, until then thanks again for your patience.

We’re Out Of Beta, And Into Pro!

Corks are popping here at Passpack HQ! We’re officially out of Beta and we now have Passpack 1.0. with the first paid upgrade available: Pro.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there will always be a free version of Passpack, and that version is more than plenty for most users. However some of you really are Pro users. If you want to store more than 100 hundred passwords, save your bank and financial data, or if you want some other amazing features, now’s the time to upgrade to a Pro account.

What Pro Means

A Pro account gives you:

  • 1,000 password storage [instead of 100]
  • 30 disposable logins lasting for 3 months [instead of 3 lasting for 1 month]
  • 100 messages you can save as favorite, so they don’t expire after a week [instead of 5 messages]

Who Is a Pro Account For?

Anyone can upgrade, and we think that any user that is managing a huge number of passwords, accounts, relevant information, and those who need to share this information with their customers, relatives, friends, they may all love a PRO account’s facilities.

Pro accounts are starting at an introductory rate of €10 for the first year only. How long will this offer last?  Not forever : )

We’re In It Together

It is a fantastic goal we’ve reached – all of us together – the Passpack team and Passpack users. Thank you for your help and patience along the way!

So, we’re off to a new beginning now. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*If you are interested in upgrading your current account, go to the NEW Accounts Tab in your Pack!

Meet Jesse & Share Your Thoughts

Hello everybody!  I’m Jesse Middleton (also known as Srcasm on the world wide web) and as you may or may not know, I’m also the newest addition to the Passpack team.  I have been following Passpack since it was a baby password manager (and it still had two capitol letters in it’s name).  I’ve been excited to see features like 3rd party logins, secured messaging and offline support grow out of the product and I’m even more excited to help Passpack and the great team behind the product continue to provide an excellent tool for your web toolkit.

I started my career in the network security field and since then I’ve slowly moved my focus to provide community and technology evangelism with a security twist.  My job is to help you learn how you can use Passpack to better your business and personal life through a security-minded suite of tools.  I want to share with you my simple rule that enables me to help you:

I read, listen and respond to every email, IM and comment you leave for me.  I will also ask you questions to help me understand what you’re looking for from Passpack.

Sounds simple, right?  It is.  And with that, I have my first set of questions for you.  You can answer these securely and privately in the web survey we’ve setup, e-mail me at jesse@passpack.com or simply leave your comments below.

  1. We released the ability to send secure messages last week between Passpack users.  This feature not only allows you to send secret notes to your one true love or other important information to your boss or clients but it’s also the start to building password sharing.  A couple other things that we rolled out with this feature was the “Ring of Trust” and your “community name”.  Your community name is the name by which people who want to add you to their Ring of Trust use to reach you.  We understand that this may be a bit confusing with all of the terms such as the login name, password, packing key and now community name so we’re looking to you for suggestions.  Do you feel that the term “community name” is a good term for this piece of Passpack or would you change it?  What might you change it to and why?
  2. In addition to secured messaging between Passpack users, we will soon be rolling out another great feature — secured messaging to non-Passpack users.  This means that if you need to send your social security number or bank account to your mother that isn’t on Passpack, you can (although we do hope she decides to sign up as well).  In addition to this it means that we may be changing one of our rules.  The welcome email from Passpack currently says:
    “To combat phishing, Passpack does not send emails containing links.”
    Since we’re going to allow you to send secure messages to non-Passpack users, we will be sending those people an email that informs them that they have received a message.  We’d like to know whether or not you’d like this email to contain a direct link to the message or directions that let the person know that they need to go to Passpack.com and enter a verification code from the email.  Do you think we should include the link or no?  What other ways could you see the recipient getting your secure message?
  3. Finally, we’d like to know other thoughts you have on Passpack and our security suite.  Do you like the features that we’ve rolled out with so far?  Would you like to see more or less of something?  This is where you’re ideas, comments and suggestions can help us to build a better product for you.

There you have it.  You can reach the anonymous survey here or you can send me an email and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.  Thanks a lot for your continued support in the Passpack community.

Passpack At Web 2.0 Expo

Donato is a stickler for anything web and anything innovative, so when a few interesting conferences caught his eye, we couldn’t help but get him a ticket to Web 2.0 Expo Berlin.

Our Passpack socialite-to-be wants to make the most of his time in the German capital and meet any Web 2.0-ers who may be itching to know just what Passpack has in store after Secure Messaging? So check out his Expo profile and contact him to meet up or just get a coffee…

Want to meet up with Donato at Web 2.0 Expo?
Send him an email or a quick tweet.
He’ll be more than happy to meet up!

Getting Ready to Leave Beta

Passpack is getting ready to leave Beta. Amazing, but true.

It’s taken a while (lawyers be darned!) but within a week or so the first few days of November, we’ll be releasing Passpack 1.0 together with our first paid upgrade “Pro”. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Free-For-Now Becomes Free-Forever

I’d like to personally thank the many many users who opted into our Free-for-now promotion. When faced with the question “Would you pay for Passpack?” — you said YES, loud and clear.

To show our gratitude, we’ve decided to extend the promotion indefinitely.

Free-For-Now users can continue to use their accounts.
As-is, for free, forever.

Wise guy alert: no getting smart and trying to squeeze in a free account at the last minute [wink]. As of now, the promotion is over. This is our way of thanking the early adopters. It’s just for them.

The New “Pro” Package

The Free-For-Now deal is mostly just extra passwords, though some folks might have also gotten extra disposable logins (we changed the configurations numerous time). The Pro package is much more than that, and we’ll continue to grow the feature set with time.

With the Free account, you get a little bit of everything. With Pro, you get more. Here’s a look:

You’ll notice that proper password sharing isn’t on the list yet. It will be. Once that technology is available, the Pro package will have (you guessed it) more than the Free account.

Who is Pro For?

Anyone will be able to upgrade, naturally, but as the name implies, we expect that the people who will really need Pro, are people who generally work and collaborate over the internet:

  • Web Developers, Designers & Project Managers
    Share passwords with the team during project development, then send them over to the client upon delivery.
  • Online Traders
    Use secure messaging instead of emails (those password protected PDFs are easily cracked folks).
  • SEO & New Media Marketers
    How many passwords do you have? Yeah, I thought so. You need far more capacity then the average person. Plus messaging is good for chatting with clients on strategy that’s best not left for the competitor to sniff (if the email gets sniffed – they’ll blame you).

How Much is Pro?

(What’s €10 in US Dollars?)

That will go up to €15/year once we complete the package with full password sharing.

Thank you for believing in us!

Passpack Releases Secure Messaging

If you are still not sure how to securely send login information to your clients, the electricity bill account codes to your wife or surprise birthday party information to your friend – now you can send (encrypted) messages to users of your choice with Passpack Secure Messaging!

Redefining Privacy

How much information do you send to colleagues, family and friends over the web everyday? How much of it would you prefer not to? We don’t always have a choice and sometimes certain things that should remain reserved, travel the web for anyone to read. Passpack wants to give you that choice with Secure Messaging. Redenfing privacy is a big task, but Passpack is willing to take that step and lend a hand to help privacy evolve.

Not just anyone will receive your messages – only the people who you choose – those in your Ring of Trust. Your Ring of Trust is sort of like your internal Passpack contact list and should include only the people you know. As much as we love networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, Passpack’s sharing is not designed to work like them. The objective is not accumulating friends – no one would see them anyway! Passpack Messaging gives users a secure means of communication for things that you may have otherwise had to whisper!

Now It’s Up To You!

Your passwords are already protected with Passpack, now your messages can be too. So to start adding people to your Ring of Trust and start exchanging messages, take a look at Dani’s “How to” post.

As we have mentioned before, this is one of the many Passpack features we want to offer you, so you can expect many more additions. As for now, please let us know how you would like us to enhance your Messaging experience.

We work off your feedback so leave us a comment or a suggestion!