Triple Release: Help Center, Desktop & Simplifications

Happy New Year! Back from our holiday vacation and on a roll with triple release for you (gosh I love saying triple release).

1. Sparkly New Help Center

No more fumbling with support articles on the the blog. You’ve now got tons of help options to choose from, depending on what you need.

New Help Center

  • Knowledge Base
    Help articles galore — search it, or browse by topic. Articles are automatically fed into the Help link inside your Passpack account.
  • Passpack It! Button Issues
    Problems using auto-login or training a website? Use this form to give us the link and what’s wrong. We’ll fix the sites as quickly as we can.
  • Bugs & Known Issues
    You can use this form to report any errors you might encounter. If it’s a known issue, you’ll see a short description with a status update and possible workaround.
  • Suggestions & Ideas
    Sending us feedback just got easier. You can use this form to tell us all your brilliant ideas. Or you can put in your vote for frequent feature requests – this helps us prioritize releases.
  • Contact Support — when all else fails, just ask for help (though with all these other options, Dani may get a little lonely waiting for the support requests to come in).

Tell us what else you’d like to see in the Help Center – we’re all ears.

2. Passpack Desktop Update, Adobe Air 1.5

Some folks ran into a bug using Passpack desktop after the Adobe Air 1.5 update. We’ve got that fixed now, use the Check for update link in your Passpack Desktop, or click below to download now.

While we were at it, we also juiced up Tools > Clean Your Pack. It now also removes duplicate entries and orphaned tags (usually due to using backup/restore for manual synchronization) .

3. Simplified Getting Started

We’re trying to make it easier to get started with Passpack, so we ran a little test. That one test resulted in a lot of changes, some minor, some not. Here’s the list of what we’ve implemented so far:

  • Changed User ID & Pass to User ID & Password. (yes, we know it’s a pass phrase, but “password” is a standard that folks recognize).
  • The quality rating is optional when choosing the Password, replaced by a minimum number of characters. Same goes for the Packing Key… though we desperately beg folks to use a sentence.
  • We’ve built in a set of server-generated RSA keys for each new account. Explorer and slower computers/browsers were simply freezing up with client-side generation. Of course, privacy fanatics like myself can over-ride this with a client-side generation.
  • The email confirmation is sent out with a link. Big change in policy here, but the lack of link was apparently a major stumbling block for many.

That's All Folks (What? You expected MORE??)

Bonus Bug Fix

While we were at it, we also squashed a bug which was causing the application to not automatically lock up when inactive. Fixed.


2 responses to “Triple Release: Help Center, Desktop & Simplifications

  1. Rossoreed

    The links to the forms above bring up the page ‘Sorry, we couldn’t find what you were looking for.’

  2. @Rossoreed Thank you, I guess I got a little over excited. [smile] Fixed.